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In the auditorium, ushers will show you to your seat and are on hand for any questions or needs.


The stalls has a cloakroom that you may use free of charge. Boxes have their own private cloakrooms. Bulky objects such as umbrellas, big bags, cameras and other items must be left with the cloakroom attendants.


Programmes can be purchased from ushers in the auditorium and foyers. Programmes are priced at € 10 for each opera of the season. Ballets and New Year’s Concert are priced € 5. The Symphonic’s season programme is priced  € 15.Programmes for current and past seasons can be purchased from our bookshop.

You can read Opera libretto on a display up the stage. Italian and English subtitles are available for all of the season’s operas. For operas in French, German and Spanish, the original version is also displayed. La Fenice Opera House is a Baroque Italian Theater, so, in some cases there are low Visibility Seats, for example Loggione or Galleria.


La Fenice Opera House has two entrances:
- the stage door is for theatre staff and performers only and is attended by a doorman;
- the main entrance is for our paying guests, visitors on guided tours, and people who wish to purchase tickets for performances or souvenirs at the theatre bookshops or simply ask for information at our Information Desk.


The boxes, gallery and family circle can be reached via elevators. Our ushers will gladly show you the way to your seats by escorting you there.


The theatre complies with all legal regulations regarding “special needs” accessibility. Special needs persons and their attendants can access the theatre via an elevator located on the ground floor on Calle de La Fenice.
We kindly ask anyone interested in availing theirselves of this service to make their request in advance by calling at + 39 041 786511 so that we can notify the appropriate staff members, who will be happy to guide you through the Theatre.


La Fenice Theater is lying over one of the lowest in one of the lowest soil area of Venice. Therefore we recommend that our customers and guests bring along or actually wear rubber boots or waders any time the tide is expected to reach or surpass 100 cm. Performances will be cancelled in case of exceptionally high water levels (140 cm above the mean sea level). 

Please feel free to visit the Municipality of Venice Centro Maree (tide forecasting center) website, where you can download an application providing real-time updates of forecasted water levels for all the six districts of Venice (“sestieri”).


Ticketholders with seats in the stalls or galleries arriving after the start of the performance will be asked to wait in the foyer or the second gallery respectively until the interval. Box ticketholders may take their seats after the performance has started.


The use of mobile phones, cameras with or without flash and audio/video recording devices is not permitted in the auditorium.

On the Opening Opera or Concerts Seasons it would be recommendable wearing black tie (tuxedo).
On the other premiere ladies need to wear a black dress, gentlemen jacket and tie.
On the other night events button-down, shirt and jeans are allowed.
On the afternoon performances dress code is fairly relaxed, smart-casual but, PLEASE, people wearing shorts or sleeveless T-shirts will not be allowed inside the auditorium; in this case, tickets will not be reimbursed.

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