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Permanent international council of contemporary music composers

The spread of the contemporary repertoire and the enhancement of today’s music are among the typical objectives of Italian lyric-symphonic foundations. Towards such a goal the Fenice Foundation has historically stood out as one of the most productive and perceptive organizations.

The consolidation of the traditional repertoire has been combined by La Fenice with a continuous research on contemporaneity through events and projects aimed at bringing the public closer to the new musical languages and to trigger a dialogue between the great tradition of classical authors with the music of nowadays.

The Contemporary Marathon will in fact be held in its FOURTH EDITION, a non-stop event of forty premieres of pieces expressly commissioned by La Fenice. The “Marathon”, played by the “Ex Novo Ensemble” with the artistic coordination of Claudio Ambrosini, will also be followed by round-tables and workshops with the participating composers.

The initiative, aimed at providing some kind of “snapshot” of the creative landscape of nowadays music, was dedicated: in 2013 to Bruno Maderna in the fortieth year of his disappearance (Marathon for Bruno, July 6, 2013); in 2014 to Luigi Nono in the ninetieth of his birth (Contemporary Marathon, July 11, 2014, with forty-three premieres by Italian and French composers); in 2015 to the dialogue between Christianity and Islam - the exhibition presented works by Italian, Arab and Israeli authors. While in 2016 the composers honored with ten world premieres and five first Italian have been two: Morton Feldman, born in 1926, and Niccolò Castiglioni, who prematurely died in 1996. In 2017 - with a theme yet to be defined - the simultaneous Marathon will come to its FIFTH EDITION


The expansion, enhancement and dissemination of today;s music are the typical objectives of Italian lyric-symphonic foundations and in this La Fenice has historically stood out as one of the most productive and perceptive organizations.

The initiative New music at La Fenice launched in the 2011-2012 season, thanks to the support of La Fenice Friends Foundation, represents one of the main instruments through which La Fenice aims at stimulating and supporting the creativity of young composers by providing them with new and interesting production opportunities.

The project entails, in fact, the engagement and production by La Fenice of three original symphonic musical scores to be performed as premières during the symphonic season as an integral part of some of the concerts program. Conceived according to specific requests of orchestra composition, the new works accomplish the perfect integration between the experience of the Foundation, its orchestral ensemble and the creativity of young composers, allowing them to conduct their research path as an actual confrontation with the places historically devoted to the music, while at the same time expanding and diversifying the Foundation’s repertoire. Furthermore the Foundation also oversees the editing of these commissioned works, thus creating a new musical répertoire that will remain his property. 

We proceed with the intention of being able, within each new symphonic season, to count on one or more world premieres, namely some new music pieces commissioned to various composers for the program in progress. As for contemporary music, this kind of répertoire has been approached with passion especially in the context of musical theater, for example: Il Killer di parole by Claudio Ambrosini, or a very old musical score like that of Dido and Aeneas entrusted to the conduction of Saburo Teshigawara, or Intolleranza 1960 by Luigi Nono, or even to Lou Salomé, which will be staged in January.

As for the symphonic music, La Fenice will propose during the concert season some songs of young composers, who have not yet reached the great public. A similar milestone is usually achieved also thanks to the support of an established publisher who can take care of the aspects related to the promotion, and the Fenice Foundation aspires to take on such a role.

Claudio Ambrosini - "Il killer di parole"
Luca Mosca - "Il signor Goldoni"
Giuseppe Sinopoli - "Lou Salomé"
Luigi Nono - "Intolleranza 1960"
Giorgio Battistelli - "Il medico dei pazzi"
Filippo Perocco - "Aquagranda"
DOUBLE DATE: Luciano Chailly + Vittorio Rieti - L’aumento & Barabau, Suite dal balletto